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Basement Waterproofing in Overland Park

Don’t let a flooded basement set you back—contact the experts at Foundation 1 for basement waterproofing in Overland Park. Maybe you’ve spent the time and effort to finish your basement and create a livable space out of it, or maybe you utilize your unfinished basement for the storage of important items and keepsakes. However you use your basement, water infiltration is going to be the last thing you want to deal with. Not only does water in your basement ruin whatever items are in there, but it can also lead to severe damage to your foundation, walls, and structure that could impact your entire home’s stability and safety. Whether it is drainage systems, basement sump pump installation, and more installed by Overland Park  foundation experts, Foundation 1 can protect your valuables, keepsakes, and your home!

What Causes Water in a Basement?

While your home’s own plumbing can sometimes be responsible for water infiltration into your basement, more often you will find the problem starts from the outside. If you don’t have a basement waterproofing system in place—which includes adequate exterior drainage—the soil around your home can become heavily saturated with water during your average Northeast Kansas rainstorm. Overland Park  gets more rain than the US average each year, so it is particularly important to have sufficient drainage. If you don’t, you’ll find that the saturated soil around your home builds hydrostatic pressure that presses inward on your basement walls and leads to water leaking through into your home.

What’s the Big Deal of Having a Little Water in the Basement?

Water in the basement is more than a minor annoyance—it can cause significant harm. Water and moisture in the basement can lead to mold and mildew formation, poor air quality, foundation and wall damage, and the destruction of your personal property. Once your foundation and foundation walls are damaged, the structural integrity of your home is compromised. You and your family are not safe unless your foundation and foundation walls are repaired. These types of repairs can be expensive, which is why basement waterproofing methods, such as the installation of a French drain, or basement sump pump installation at your Overland Park home, are so important.

Basement Waterproofing Methods

When it comes to expert basement waterproofing in Overland Park , Foundation 1 knows the different options available and can help guide you on which solution will have the best results for your home. Basement waterproofing solutions can be broken up into two basic categories: Exterior and Interior.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Stop water before it ever has a chance to infiltrate your basement with the right exterior basement waterproofing solutions. One of the most fundamental exterior water management systems is an adequate and clean gutter system, complete with downspouts that will discharge the water at an appropriate distance away from your home. Other important aspects of exterior basement waterproofing include ensuring your yard has proper grading so that water naturally flows away from your home rather than toward it, and installing drainage channels for water to follow. Water drainage solutions such as the French drain could be just what you need to protect your home from water damage.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

For the most complete basement waterproofing possible in Overland Park , you would want to have both exterior and interior waterproofing solutions. Interior waterproofing solutions also include basement sump pump installations by our Overland Park foundation experts. Interior drainage systems  are placed strategically to capture water in the areas it is most likely to intrude on. These drains typically will empty into a sump pump basin where the water can collect until it reaches a level to be pumped out by the sump pump. At Foundation 1, we install the Dura Dry System, which is installed along the interior of the foundation where your wall and floor meet. This system uses two drains, an upper and a lower drain, which work together to channel the water into either your sump pump basin or, if needed, somewhere to your home’s exterior. Unsure of whether your sump pump can handle the load? We have a full line of Pro Series primary sump pumps that are commercial grade and come with either 1.5-, 3-, or 5-year warranties when installed in a home for intermittent applications. In addition to sump pump installation, we also offer crawl space encapsulation and vapor barriers to keep excess moisture out of your home and your air. Interior basement drains and basement sump pump installation by Overland Park  experts can protect your home from the area’s harsh weather and soil conditions.

Call for a Free Estimate on Basement Waterproofing in Overland Park

If you are a homeowner dealing with a wet basement in the Overland Park  area, now is the time to repair a leak or other issue causing water seepage and install proper basement waterproofing solutions before it’s too late. Water can lead to cracks in your home’s concrete foundation or walls, resulting in expensive foundation repairs. By waterproofing your home now using exterior and interior waterproofing solutions, you can avoid expensive, stressful foundation issues in the future.

Foundation 1 has exterior and interior waterproofing experts who can service your Overland Park  home. We will do an excellent job installing the waterproofing solution your home requires. Call today at 913-346-0842 to get a FREE estimate for our waterproofing services.