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Four Methods of Addressing Settling Concrete
Thu Jul 11

Mudjacking is great repair and advantageous for a number of reasons to the other alternatives for repairing sunken concrete. It is NOT however a decorative or cosmetic repair, and does have potential limitations, including differences in concrete shading of the patch holes and even potential new cracks. This is explained...

Thu Nov 29

FINANCING OPTIONS We are proud to offer our customers two different approaches for project financing. Consider your project in terms of a monthly payment instead of a large, lump sum. Enerbank. We have successfully worked with this bank on a number of projects. Loan Size: $5K to $55K. Interest rate:...

Waterproofing Job Photos / Videos – Kansas City
Fri Sep 28

Take a look at what a foundation waterproofing project may look like! This is a sampling of the types of waterproofing systems we install in the Kansas City metro area. EDGERTON, KANSAS         KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI      GREENWOOD, MISSOURI      RAYTOWN, MISSOURI (Commercial Project)  ...