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Concrete Leveling

When foundation shifts and settles, your property’s concrete slabs can be compromised, causing cracks and uneven surfaces. Rather than pouring new concrete, which can be an expensive endeavor, we recommend concrete leveling. Our preferred method of concrete leveling is mudjacking, a process used to level, raise, and fill voids under the concrete.

Why do concrete voids and sinking occur?

  • settling ground / expansive soils
  • poor compaction during construction
  • poor excavation for drainage
  • poorly installed or maintained downspouts
  • burrowing animals

What is mudjacking and how is it used for concrete leveling?

Mudjacking involves drilling holes in the damaged concrete and filling them with a concrete mixture. This mixture fills the voids between the concrete and soil, which in turn levels the concrete surface. Mudjacking is our preference for concrete leveling because it’s a cost-effective alternative to tearing out and replacing sunken concrete slabs. It is completed in just a few hours, requiring less equipment and manpower than newly poured concrete slabs. Not only that, it’s minimally disturbing to the surrounding areas, meaning less mess and potential damage.

What types of concrete leveling can mudjacking accomplish?

    • driveways 
    • sidewalks
    • garages
    • basements       
    • patios
    • stairs
    • pool decks
    • under footing post piering
    • other free-floating slabs

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