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Patio Fire Pit & Outside Fireplace
Installation in Kansas City

Fire features can make or break your outdoor living area. From the most basic tabletop fire feature to a grand outside fireplace, the pros at F1 Hardscapes can guide you through the process and identify the most effective ways to transform your unique outdoor space.

At F1 Hardscapes, a sister company to Foundation 1, we have designed and installed a variety of patio fire pits and outside fireplaces for Kansas City home and business owners alike. Whether you’re looking to increase the visual appeal of your backyard or create a heat source for your restaurant patio, call us today to bring your vision to life!

Brick fire pit on circular patio with landscaping surrounding

Patio Fire Pits

Nothing makes a statement for—and lights up—your outdoor space like a fire feature. Whether it is a rustic fire pit to safely incorporate an open flame with a basic fire pit, or an ultra-modern, see-through glass and gas contemporary design, patio fire pits add an incredible element to your outdoor living spaces. It could even be a couple of strategically placed fire bowls for effect. The choices are nearly unlimited!

Pros of Patio Fire Pits

Not only can fire create a great atmosphere and visual, but we can also incorporate a fire pit into your outdoor kitchen. Beautiful and functional, patio fire pits can be used for making s’mores over an open fire (just like camping!). They can be designed with a masterful built-in grill, or they can be transformed into a commercial brick wood-fired pizza oven. Whether you decide to keep the design simple or incorporate additional functionality, a patio fire pit is sure to be a hit with your guests and family! Fire pits are great for large groups in cooler months, as they allow everyone to enjoy their warmth with their round design. They are also great for families with children, always being a perfect option for birthday parties, grad parties, weekend hangouts, and more!

image showing fire pit uniquely designed to fit into a retaining wall and stair structure

Outside Fireplaces

Nothing creates a centerpiece and warm gathering space like an outdoor fireplace. As you might imagine, the options here go from fairly basic to extremely grand. Outdoor fireplaces can incorporate a number of finishing options including brick, natural stone, pavers, tile, metal, concrete, or stucco. Additionally, we will help you with design elements such as see-through, mantels, built-in seating, and safety.

Pros of Outside Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces share many of the same draws of fire pits. They’re perfect for entertaining in the cooler months and can expand your outdoor kitchen to allow for campfire-style meals, smoked fish, pizza, and even baking! If you’re interested in building an outdoor fireplace purely for the aesthetic, our contractors can also help you design and install a beautiful focal point for your outdoor living space.

Should Your Outdoor Fire Feature Be Gas or Wood-Burning?

The first decision is to consider when building your new patio fire pit or outside fireplace is your fire source: wood-burning or gas. Wood burning fire pits and outside fireplaces are a classic choice—the wood offers warmth, the sound of a crackling fire, and that nostalgic campfire smell. The downside of wood-burning fire features is that they take a little more effort to get started and they are notorious for putting off eye-irritating smoke. Natural gas and propane burning fire pits and places are also popular, boasting benefits such as consistent heat, no smoke, and convenient starts. The downside of gas fire features is that they can add to the expense of the project, requiring you to run a gas line to your house.

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