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Flagstone Walkway Installation in Kansas City

There is one thing for certain: after you’ve spent precious time and money to design your “one of a kind” outdoor living space, people will beat a path to use it! That’s what makes flagstone walkways a requirement. At F1 Hardscapes, a sister company to Foundation 1, we can help you create beautiful and functional paths throughout your outdoor living space to compliment your design and protect your landscaping. As with all hardscape features, the number of options is nearly unlimited. We offer a wide number of pavers, natural stone, brick, and tile options to create durable, functional walkways. There are also a number of options relating to colors, textures, and patterns as well!

Flagstone Walkway Design

Flagstone walkways are designed with stone that has been cut into irregular flag-like shapes. They vary in thickness, color, and rock types, making them versatile for a wide variety of design styles and able to coordinate with surrounding landscape materials with ease. If you have other hardscape features in your yard—such as fire pits, waterfalls, retaining walls, and more—your flagstone walkway can create a beautiful path between features without clashing with the elements used to create them.

At F1 Hardscapes, we have a variety of flagstone materials to choose from to ensure your vision for your landscaping is brought to life!

How Do You Fill a Flagstone Walkway?

In addition to choosing the design of the flagstone itself, you also have options when it comes to how to install your flagstone walkway and how to fill between pavers. While laying flagstone in concrete can create a longer-lasting solution, some home and business owners choose to lay their flagstone in gravel, mulch, or sand for aesthetic or budgetary reasons.

image of flagstone walkway with brick curbing

Why Hire a Professional for Flagstone Walkway Installation

Although visual appeal is important when it comes to installing flagstone walkways, functional design and construction is the difference between a walkway that lasts a few years and one that lasts decades. This starts with careful preparation of the supporting soils, the substrates incorporated and the compaction techniques involved even before placing the first stone. Expert construction practices make all the difference! With that being said, the creative design of your flagstone walkway is also important to the overall appeal of your landscape. There is no need to have a boring walkway when one that makes a statement can be constructed, often for the same prices! A little ingenuity goes a long way, and our contractors are familiar with a wide variety of patterns, materials, and fills to help you bring your vision to life. Finally, pathways always benefit from lighting, improving both their safety and beauty. The team at F1 Hardscapes will work with you do create your own custom walkways.

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