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Helical Piers for Foundation Stability in Kansas City

Helical piers, also called helical piles, are supports that are screwed into the ground to add stability to a home’s foundation. Helical piers can be used for new construction homes and to repair existing structures. If you are looking for helical piers for your foundation’s repair or for additional support for a new home’s foundation, you can get them installed through Foundation 1. We have foundation contractors who can examine your home and give you an estimate on helical pier installation.

The Helical Piers Foundation Repair Process

Every helical pile installation begins with an assessment of your building’s foundation. Our experts are trained to identify the common warning signs of a cracked or failing foundation. If a foundation contractor determines that helical piers are needed, plans will be drawn up and the helical pier installation process will begin. The helical piers are long, steel shafts with helices that are driven into the soil surrounding the foundation using a hydraulic system. They are often called screw piles, due to the way the helices screw into the ground through a significant amount of torque and pressure. After the helical piers are in place, the foundation can then be lifted safely.

Helical Pile Contractors You Can Trust

Foundation 1 is an approved installer of the PierTech™ line of helical piers. This patented product line includes a number of features which provide for high quality, but also more rapid installation, driving down costs compare

d to other helical pier lines on the market.

Helical piering gives Foundation 1 an opportunity to drive piers without having to use the weight of the structure they will support (as is the case with push piers.) Helical piers are ideal for new home construction and pre-piering homes. Given a large percentage of homes in Kansas City ultimately have foundation issues, piering new homes is a significant “value add” to the homeowner. If you are worried about soil conditions around your Kansas City home, consider the installation of the helical pile system.

Other Applications for Helical Pier Installation at Your Kansas City Home

While helical piers are most commonly used for lifting residential home foundations, they also have a number of useful, additional applications. Helical piers are an ideal alternative for supporting decks and other lighter structures, which may require stabilization and protection from settling / sinking, but are not heavy enough to drive push piers.

There are also a number of industrial / commercial applications for helical piers, including:

Warehousing—use helical piers as a cheaper alternative to excavation when securing your warehouse foundation.

Dock foundation—the helical pile system is also a reliable solution for water-based structures that are built to last.

Tower stabilization—transmission and telecommunication towers are often installed using helical piers due to their long-term strength and lesser impact on the surrounding environment.

Light pole—helical piles are often used to anchor light pole supports into the ground next to streets and parking lots.

Solar equipment foundations—since no concrete is required, helical piers can be loaded quickly to secure single panels or large solar farms.

Multi-story construction—helical pile systems can be used to support the weight of heavy loads in larger construction projects with deep foundations.

See our page on commercial solutions. Learn more about PierTech products at

How to Know if Your Foundation Needs Repairs

If your foundation has been damaged due to settling, unstable soil, or excess water, there will be noticeable signs of damage:

  • Windows and doors are sticking or are difficult to open
  • Cracks are visible in your basement/foundation walls
  • Tilting/leaning chimneys
  • Uneven floors
  • Plaster walls are cracking
  • Nails are popping out of ceilings or walls
  • Large gaps are appearing in your windows or door frames

If you have noticed any of the above issues at your home, you may have foundation problems that require helical anchors to correct. To avoid foundation failure, reach out to Foundation 1 for an assessment of your home’s foundation.

Support Your Home’s Foundation With Helical Pier Installation

Have a foundation project that needs a foundation contractor’s expertise? Foundation 1 is proud to supply professional installers who can help stabilize your home with helical pile installation, so you and your family will be safe for many years to come. Foundation piering is the smart choice for securing your home’s foundation. Contact Foundation 1 today for a free evaluation of your project – residential, industrial, or commercial.


Their price for 10 piers was on par with other bids we received. The work was finished within the time frame we were given and we are very pleased with their work.– Rita, Kansas City

The best experience I’ve had with a contractor. As this was a large project, I researched many pier options, different companies, and installation methods. – Nicolas, Leawood