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Pool Installation in Kansas City

Tired of melting your way through Kansas City summers? Soaking wet shirts is not the best look, but there is a way to get cool on a daily basis—get the backyard pool you’ve been dreaming about. Kiddie pools just aren’t going to cut it, and using one can be pretty embarrassing when you don’t have any kids.
It may be time to put in a concrete swimming pool, but you probably have a lot of concerns. How much does a new pool cost? Will a pool add value to my house? How long does pool construction take?
These are valid concerns, and you can get your questions answered by reaching out to F1 Hardscapes, your Kansas City area pool contractors.

Your Kansas City Backyard Pool Will Bring All the Friends to the Yard

Friends flock to those who have backyard pools, and you can entertain your buddies in style. Enjoy your summer days rather than dreading them when you have a pool for everyone to enjoy. Swimming pools are fun for all ages, so they can be a great investment.

Reasons to Add an Inground Pool to Your Kansas City Backyard

It’s a smart idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of any renovation decision. You don’t want to spend money adding a home feature that isn’t right for you. A pool does come with some benefits and drawbacks you may want to consider before making a decision about installation.


  • Adding a pool can increase your home’s value, also making it easier to sell your home.
  • A pool can be an oasis in your backyard, helping you decompress after a busy day.
  • People of all ages enjoy pools, so it’s a good feature to add when looking for at-home entertainment options.
  • Pools can be visually pleasing, even when not being used. This can create a general feeling of happiness for those who get to view your water feature.
  • Pools provide an opportunity for recreational activity, which can be beneficial to your health. Getting exercise is important for everyone, and swimming is a low impact form of exercise.


It’s important to consider the cost of installation when making a decision. The costs of pool installation ranges widely depending on the size of your pool, shape of pool, type of pool, and the pool features you want it to have. You should also consider pool safety when installing a pool.
Your local pool installers in Kansas City can help you weigh the pros and cons. They can work within your budget so you can have the pool you’ve been looking for. You can learn about safety features and other pool installation considerations when you speak with a pool expert contractor with F1 Hardscapes.

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Talk to a Pool Installation Contractor at F1 Hardscapes

Ready to get started on your pool installation? Start with a phone call to the pool builders you can trust. We partner with you to create the backyard oasis that can bring you peace and happiness in a chaotic world. You want the perfect pool, and we want to give it to you.

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