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Kansas City Fountains, Water Features, and Ponds

Water features add an amazing feel to your outdoor living space. The sights and sounds of water are truly therapeutic, calming, and flat out impressive in your backyard!

F1 Hardscapes can handle your project, from the most simple and inexpensive ponds to the most dramatic water features you can imagine. Similarly, we can handle projects from the earliest planning stage all the way through construction and maintenance. Water features can be the perfect accent or centerpiece of your outdoor oasis.

A proper design, installation, and maintenance plan can be the difference between a significant contribution to your backyard or a frustrating challenge.  We will help you make sure you love your fountain, pond, or water garden.

Water Features in Kansas City Can Up Your Backyard Game

If you have ever admired another person’s backyard water feature, then you know that a water feature can bring a backyard to life. Your family, neighbors, and friends will be wowed by your Kansas City backyard water feature.

How Can F1 Hardscapes of Kansas City Help

We can assist with design, ecosystem design, pump selection, plumbing, and even incorporating lighting and fire! (Seriously, we can.) Bubbling waters, pondless waterfalls, and fountainscapes are all options we can coordinate for you.

We specialize in natural designs, which means your water feature will look like it would in nature. Constructing a proper, balanced ecosystem (which consists of rocks, sand, plants, and fish) can lead to a project with very low ongoing maintenance requirements. Cultivating the right natural bacteria to break down organic matter is key.

And, YES, koi can survive during the winter in Kansas City. We just have to ensure we go deep enough so there is sufficient water under the ice (and we will give you a few other tips on maintaining your aquascape ecosystem year round!).

A few more examples of outdoor water features you could have installed by our team:

  • Pondless water feature
  • Solar water feature
  • Garden fountain or bird bath
  • Large ponds with natural look landscape design
  • Artificial waterfalls
  • Rock garden and small pools
  • Ground water feature like a small flowing stream
  • Water wall
  • Patio fountains
  • Koi pond
backyard water feature

Call F1 Hardscapes for Water Feature Installation in Kansas City

A backyard water feature can up your backyard game and bring you the escape you need from a busy world. With so many types of water features to choose from, you are sure to find the one that fits your vision.

From a small water feature for your home to a larger commercial project for public enjoyment, we can be your water features design & install contractor. We can help with a waterfall fountain, a koi pond, or a simple water fountain. We can take your water feature ideas and turn them into a water garden wonderland.

F1 Hardscapes in Kansas City is the Water Features Contractor You’ve Been Looking For