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Sump Pumps

Our full line of Pro Series primary sump pumps are built to run continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 day a year. They are a commercial grade pump that is only sold to and installed by qualified contractors. These pumps are backed by 1½ year, 3 year and 5 year warranties when the pumps are used in intermittent applications. 

Sump Pump PSSP-3 PSSP 2 Sump Pump - PSSP 1

The new PHCC Pro Series, “Pair of Pumps” combination systems, couples an energy efficient primary sump pump and battery backup sump pump into one compact system. The primary pump operates off AC power. If the power is interrupted, or more water is coming into the sump than the AC pump can handle, the backup sump pump will begin pumping automatically.

The units come pre-assembled for easy installation and include four float switches for ultimate protection. Two floats with the primary pump, and two floats with the backup.

The combination systems also contain unique monitoring features that warns the homeowner if the power goes out, battery fluid is low, backup pump was activated, or if the battery is discharged, defective, or battery terminals need cleaning. In addition the PS-C33 pump controller can send an alarm signal to a home security system or auto dialer.

PS-C33 PS-C22 PS-C11

The Bell sump pump basin is the most efficient, safe and innovative sump design available. The Bell sump basin is molded from high strength, impact resistant polyethylene to provide years of service in collecting water from around foundations. The unique bell shape, of the Bell Sump Basin, not only makes sump pump systems more efficient, but also increases the life of basement drainage systems.




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