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Four Methods of Addressing Settling Concrete
Thu Jul 11

Mudjacking is great repair and advantageous for a number of reasons to the other alternatives for repairing sunken concrete. It is NOT however a decorative or cosmetic repair, and does have potential limitations, including differences in concrete shading of the patch holes and even potential new cracks. This is explained...

Concrete Job Photos – Kansas City
Thu Apr 26

Here are some pictures and videos of Concrete jobs in Kansas City performed by Foundation 1. Trust us as your versatile, high service contractor! OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS         GRANDVIEW, MO - COMMERCIAL     NORTH KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI     BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -  DECORATIVE CONCRETE     ...

The First F1 Concrete Job! – Kansas City Concrete Repair
Fri Feb 16

Foundation 1 has recently added concrete flatwork to our mix of services.  We find the two services to be extremely complementary of each other, as many foundation repair projects end of leading to the need for concrete work.Recently we had an opportunity to acquire the production equipment from Carder Concrete,...