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Kansas City Basement Contractors for Wall Rebuilds

Problems with bowing basement walls and foundation cracks, if not addressed, will ultimately lead to a “point of no return” for the wall. It is important to fix problems with basement walls as early as possible so that you don’t end up like many homeowners, who are dealing with walls that have essentially failed. At this point, the homeowner is at risk of losing all of the value of their property.

Fortunately, there are various stages of damage, so it’s important to know what constitutes repairable damage and what types of repairs are needed for basement wall rebuilds.

Foundation Cracks & Leaks

If you find cracks that are narrower than ⅛”, it likely means that it won’t affect the structure and can be fixed easily. However, they should not be ignored because they can be thorough-ways for moisture leading to structural problems if left untreated. You or a professional may fix these types of cracks by injecting either epoxy or polyurethane foam. If the cracks begin to leak, further waterproofing will be necessary.

Typically larger than a crack, a leak (or two) often can signal a huge problem with drainage and moisture in the area surrounding your home. To address this issue, you’ll want to consult professionals like Foundation 1 about waterproofing techniques that can help secure your structure. We’ll likely recommend sealing your foundation.

In order to create a waterproof foundation, we will excavate around your foundation, install new tile drains, and fill any existing cracks with cement. We will also coat the structure in sealant and wrap it in a waterproof material. Although the cost of this labor will need to account for time, labor, and equipment, it is worth the price in exchange for a newly stable home.

Bowing Basement Walls

Foundation cracks are often early signs of a bowing basement wall. When a basement wall bows inward, it is usually due to some sort of excess pressure coming from outside the home foundation. Improper exterior water drainage can cause water to accumulate next to the foundation. This build-up of hydrostatic pressure can result in a bowing basement wall. Soil pressure can also have the same effect.

There are multiple methods to fixing bowing basement walls, depending on the severity of the problem, so it’s important to contact a basement contractor to help you identify the best solution. In most cases, however, the wall will need to be reinforced. Carbon fiber straps are commonly used for basement wall repair because they are less expensive and can be installed without any outside excavation needed. Epoxy-sealed straps are placed along the bowing basement wall to reinforce them from the inside.

Wall anchoring methods are also used in basement wall repair and involve the use of large steel components that are installed underground. The wall anchors or tiebacks are secured to the foundation, holding it in place.

House Settling & Sinking

Settling is a major issue that requires immediate attention since further settling can lead to more damage and instability to your basement walls. It may be difficult to tell that this is happening until having leaks and cracks assessed, or you may be able to determine what should be done next after inspecting your property for these early signs of foundation damage:

  • Warped or sloped flooring
  • Jammed windows & doors
  • Door frame gaps
  • Wall, door, or ceiling cracks
  • Gaps between your wall & floor
  • Exterior cracks

Typically, the best solution for this problem is to have your foundation leveled.

Kansas City Basement Wall Rebuilds

If the basement walls are so severely damaged that they cannot be stabilized and straightened with beam braces, the only option is to rebuild the failed walls. This starts with first stabilizing the home, as the damaged portion of the foundation wall is likely not providing sufficient support to that part of the structure.

Once the structure is fully stabilized, the next step is to remove the failed wall. Given no equipment can be brought into the basement, all materials must be removed by hand. As you might imagine, this is an extremely time consuming process and must be managed with a high level of focus on safety.

Once the damaged wall is removed, a cinder block wall can be rebuilt in its place. We have skilled masons on our team who can professionally rebuild foundation walls.

This type of basement wall repair requires a higher level of skill and is the type of job that many less experienced foundation repair companies will pass on due to its complexity. The team at Foundation 1 has the skills and experience to do this job and help the homeowner preserve the value in the home.

Basement Wall Repair from Professional Basement Contractors

If you need help with basement wall repair or rebuild, contact Foundation 1 for a free evaluation. If your home has serious wall damage, collapse, or pending failure, we will work with you to find a solution fix your basement walls and repair the foundation. Time is of the essence with basement wall rebuilds, so contact us today.