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Commercial Foundation Repair in Kansas City

It is essential for businesses to take proactive steps to ensure proper maintenance and repair of their foundation. With Foundation 1, you get the highest level of expertise in the industry. We are a licensed “Class A” foundation repair contractor in Kansas City with years of experience working with both commercial and industrial applications.

Our team takes the time to understand your needs specifically, ensuring that necessary foundational repairs are done thoroughly and correctly. Foundation 1 is here to make sure your business has a stable base for years to come.

“Gave a timely quote with great explanation of what was needed.” – Tracy, KCMO


“A 5-star review for a 5-star (major) job, both interior and exterior on my home’s foundation.” – Barbara, Overland Park


“Foundation 1 exceeded my expectations. 5 STAR RATING” – Michael, Independence

Our Commercial Foundation Repair Services

Our commercial foundation repair services are a vital necessity for businesses large and small. With years of experience, we can ensure that any project – whether a warehouse, an apartment complex, or a hospital – is fortified with the strongest, most secure materials and applications.

Our outstanding team is at the ready to expertly support our clients on projects related to wall stabilization, piering, waterproofing and all types of foundation repair. Our services provide peace of mind that your commercial property will stand strong in even the toughest conditions. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs!

As commercial concrete repair contractors in Kansas City, we work in both repair and new construction settings.

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your commercial project.

Why do you need a Kansas City commercial concrete repair contractor?

If you are a business owner, your building is the foundation of your business. This is especially true for real estate owners, retailers, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, and various other commercial enterprises. Trouble with your foundation can lead to downtime and repairs that can be more costly the longer they are put off. Unfortunately for business owners, nothing will ever improve about water infiltration or faltering foundations without it simply being fixed. That’s why you need to turn to a Kansas City commercial concrete repair and foundation contractor to diagnose and repair any existing issues before they become larger, more expensive problems.

How we tackle commercial foundation repair

  • We know your downtime is extremely costly; we will work with you to get back up as quickly as possible
  • We will work with you to ensure your customers / tenants understand the repairs and keep inconveniences to a minimum
  • We will focus on appropriate solutions, meaning not “over” fixing things, or suggesting solutions that fail to address the underlying cause of your problem.  This is important, not only from a cost control perspective, but to ensure you have a solution that matches your business needs, today and into the future.

Commercial foundation repair foundation contractors that will work with you

At Foundation 1, our Kansas City foundation contractors work to understand your needs. An experienced structural evaluator will come and assess your building’s needs and to get a stronger understanding of your business. With this information, we will come up with a plan for repair, as well as an estimate for our work. Depending on the scope of your project, we will work in conjunction with your facilities manager, contractor, architect, structural engineer, and/or geotechnical consultant. We will be a strong member of your team.

Our motto is to “rest your foundation on our reputation.” Let Foundation 1 be your commercial foundation contractor for repair or new builds.