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Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is used as a general term for any repair made to the foundation walls or footings of a structure. There are many foundation repair contractors in the country and most will offer repair plans that sound very similar to one another. Not all foundation repair companies are created equal, the products that are used and the methods of installing those products can vary dramatically. No one wants a foundation repair contractor in their home but if you do have to make that call then call a quality contractor with years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Foundation 1 is Kansas City’s number one foundation repair contractor and when you need the best you can always “Rest Your Foundation On Our Reputation”

Stratos Pier Piering Systems
Foundation Settlement is corrected by lifting the footing that foundation walls rest on. 

Wall Straightening
Foundation walls that lean or bow more than 3″ are corrected by excavating the wall and moving it back to plumb.  It is then restrained by using steel beams that either use the homes framing or the exterior soil to keep the wall from moving further.

Wall Stabilization
Foundation walls that lean or bow are corrected by using steel beams that either use the homes framing or the exterior soil to keep the wall from moving further.

Crack Repair
While many wall cracks are a sign of a foundation problem they are not always signs of a failed foundation. Let our engineer certified evaluators give you a free consultation.

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Brian, Lenexa

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"Very well! Courteous, friendly, professional service."


"I was afraid of what it was going to look like afterwards and I was surprised to see everything put back. It was great! They went above & beyond to accommodate a very tight schedule."

Pam,Overland Park

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Jan,Kansas City

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Mary Jean,Kansas City

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Andrew,Blue Springs

"Overall, we are very satisfied with the results and recommend them fully."

Angela,Spring Hill