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Your building is critical to the success of your business. Whether you are a real estate owner, retailer, manufacturer, apartment complex, hospital or university, your building is literally the foundation of your business. Protect your business with our commercial waterproofing and commercial foundation contractors.

Foundation cracks and water in your facility can mean costly downtime and repairs. A lack of waterproofing can also lead to mold growth which can affect the health of your employees.

Commercial Foundation Repair

As your Kansas City commercial foundation repair contractor, we work hard to offer the services necessary to ensure a stable foundation for your business. Whether you are in an existing building that needs repair or you need to ensure your new build has a solid foundation well into the future, you’ve come to the right place.

Commercial Waterproofing

It’s obvious why it is important to waterproof your home basement, but many business owners fail to see the importance of waterproofing their building. A commercial building is just as vulnerable to flooding and the damages that water infiltration causes as someone’s home is. Turn to the commercial waterproofing contractors who know how to get the job done right so you have effective waterproofing solutions that will keep your business and your employees safe.

Like many things in life, we tend to underestimate how much impact this kind of problem can have on a business. So the problems are often ignored. With water and concrete, one thing is certain, and that is that things tend to NOT get better with time on their own. To the contrary, they tend to get worse.

This is why we suggest a rapid response to the early warning signs of foundation challenges and water in your business. Very often, early solutions are more effective and less costly than waiting for issues to become significant.

A few highlights for our potential commercial clients

  • We know your downtime is extremely costly – we will work with you to get back up as quickly as possible
  • We will work with you to ensure your customers/tenants understand the repairs and keep inconveniences to a minimum
  • We will focus on appropriate solutions… meaning not “over” fixing things, or solutions that fail to address the underlying cause of your problem. This is important, not only from a cost control perspective but to ensure you have a solution that matches your business needs, today and into the future.

This kind of work means working with a business who understands yours. We will send out an experienced structural evaluator to assess your building’s needs, as well as understand more about you and your business. From there, we will design a repair plan (including in conjunction with a structural engineer as necessary), as well as provide an estimate for our services.

Depending on the scope of your project, we will work in conjunction with your facilities manager, contractor, architect, structural engineer, and/or geotechnical consultant. We will be a strong member of your team.

Our motto is to “rest your foundation on our reputation.” We will ensure to treat your business as we would treat our own.

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Compare all the other guys to this firm, start to finish.




They were punctual and professional. The foreman, in particular, went the extra mile to ensure that I was happy with the drainage solution.


John,Overland Park


Excellent experience! The crew was friendly, efficient and kept the work area clean and organized.