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Basement & Foundation Crack Repair

Kansas City Basement & Foundation Crack Repair

Have you noticed foundation cracks in your home or basement? These cracks are unsightly, but they could be even worse than that. Foundation cracks can expand over time and could become a major problem, reducing the structural integrity of your home. Some homeowners and business owners are tempted to ignore foundation cracks, such as hairline cracks, horizontal cracks, and basement wall cracks, but we don’t recommend that.

You should at least have your foundation wall cracks or foundation cracks examined by a professional. Some cracks start out as minor annoyances, but water can get into the cracks, expanding them, and negatively impacting your home’s safety and value. If you are worried about your foundation’s stability due to such cracks, you can get help from a basement crack repair specialist in the Kansas City area.

Foundation Repair Experts to the Rescue

Foundation 1 can inspect your cracks to identify the damage and source. We can also look at whether any structural damage has occurred that needs to be corrected. After we do an inspection, we can give you an estimate on the foundation repair cost and the scope of your project. We can then repair the cracks using our crack repair systems.

Polyurethane Injections or Resin Injections

Crack repair systems are designed to penetrate the full depth and length of cracks in concrete walls and floors.  The basic method of repair is to install plastic ports over the cracks, and then apply a coating of epoxy over the entire crack prior to injection.  Once the coating has cured either epoxy or polyurethane can be pressure injected.

Epoxy resins are injected to regain structural integrity of broken concrete in conjunction with other wall repair systems.  Polyurethane resins are injected to stop water intrusion and create a flexible seal in broken concrete and in larger voids.

Basement & Foundation Crack Repair

Advantages of Polyurethane Resins:   Advantages of Epoxy Resins:
  • Repairs foundation cracks
  • Repairs foundation cracks
  • Eliminate water and air leaks
  • Restores structural integrity to the concrete
  • Stays flexible over time
  • Application done from inside basement
  • Expands to fill voids
  • Reduces the chance for water intrusion
  • Application done from inside basement
  • Engineer approved method
  • Engineer approved method


What Happens if I Don’t Repair Foundation Cracks?

Foundation cracks come in all shapes, lengths, and sizes, and they could also mean different things. Some cracks are due to the normal settling of the house and may not be a huge issue. But if cracks are brought on by other causes, you could be looking at some serious foundation problems if the cracks aren’t fixed. Not only can the cracks expand and become dangerous to your home’s stability, but they are also likely caused by something that is doing further damage to your home. Having your foundation cracks looked at means a foundation repair expert can diagnose what’s causing them in the first place. We can address the root of the problem, repair cracks so they don’t get worse and deteriorate your foundation or basement walls, and give you recommendations on how to avoid foundation cracks in the future.

Ignoring foundation cracks or simply painting over them can be dangerous to those who live in your home. Cracks and an unstable foundation could also reduce your home’s value or make it difficult or impossible to sell your home in the future. A foundation repair contractor at Foundation 1 can fix your foundation crack problem whether it’s caused by moisture, water leaks, insect infestation, shifting soil, storm damage, or some other cause. We can look at the types of foundation cracks your home has, figure out what caused them, and offer you a solution for repair and prevention.

If your home’s structural stability has been compromised, Foundation 1 offers reinforcements to ensure that your home remains structurally sound. We can install supports and then repair your foundation cracks, making your home as solid as the day it was built.

Call a Foundation Contractor in Kansas City Today

Having an unstable foundation isn’t safe for you or your family. Your foundation cracks might be no big deal right now, but they could turn into a huge deal down the road. It’s a good idea to tackle foundation cracks early. It could be that a simple crack repair is all you need to correct the foundation of your residential or commercial property.

Make sure to get help from a qualified contractor. Foundation 1 has a reputation of excellence, making us a good choice for your foundation repair needs. Whether you have major structural problems or a relatively small crack, we are here to help. You can rest your foundation on our reputation. Call us today for a free estimate of your basement repair or concrete foundation repair needs.