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Kansas City Basement & Foundation Crack Repair

Crack repair systems are designed to penetrate the full depth and length of cracks in concrete walls and floors.  The basic method of repair is to install plastic ports over the cracks, and then apply a coating of epoxy over the entire crack prior to injection.  Once the coating has cured either epoxy or polyurethane can be pressure injected.

Epoxy resins are injected to regain structural integrity of broken concrete in conjunction with other wall repair systems.  Polyurethane resins are injected to stop water intrusion and create a flexible seal in broken concrete and in larger voids.

Basement & Foundation Crack Repair

Advantages of Polyurethane Resins:


Advantages of Epoxy Resins:

  • Repairs foundation cracks
  • Repairs foundation cracks
  • Eliminate water and air leaks
  • Restores structural integrity to the concrete
  • Stays flexible over time
  • Application done from inside basement
  • Expands to fill voids
  • Reduces the chance for water intrusion
  • Application done from inside basement
  • Engineer approved method
  • Engineer approved method


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