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Four Methods of Addressing Settling Concrete
Thu Jul 11

Mudjacking is great repair and advantageous for a number of reasons to the other alternatives for repairing sunken concrete. It is NOT however a decorative or cosmetic repair, and does have potential limitations, including differences in concrete shading of the patch holes and even potential new cracks. This is explained...

Mudjacking Job Photos & Videos – Kansas City
Thu Apr 26

Foundation 1 is a great mud jacking contractor! Here are some photos and videos of concrete leveling jobs we have recently worked on.   PRAIRIE VILLAGE - APRIL 2018                                     =   Commercial...

Exterior Concrete Repair: Pour New or Mudjack It?
Thu Feb 5

  Problem: Your concrete patio, porch, sidewalk, or driveway is settling and needs repair. Question: Do you tear it out and pour new or can it be mudjacked? First, I have included an informative article, written by Steve VandeWater, that details for us why concrete cracks. I know there are...