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French Drain Installation in Kansas City

What are French Drainage Systems?

Like french fries and french toast, the French drain has little to do with France. In fact, it’s named after the New England man who invented the drainage system in the 1800s. Henry Flagg French invented the cellar drain, what we now know as the French drain, to save homes from too much groundwater.

How do French Drains Work?

The French drain is a gravel-filled trench containing a perforated pipe. Excess groundwater runs into the trench and flows through the perforated pipe. This pipe then carries water away from your home, preventing oversaturated soil from creating hydrostatic pressure or a leaking basement.

When Do You Need a French Drain?

Though French drains are popular, they should never be used as a cure-all drainage solution. It’s just as important to make sure your landscape is properly graded, your gutter system accurately installed, and your basement sufficiently waterproofed.

When it’s not possible to grade your landscape in a way that directs water away from your structure, French drains can be installed to keep water from pooling in low spots and around your foundation. Foundation 1 can install our Curtain Drain, our version of a French drain, to help direct water away from your home, protecting it against water damage and foundation problems.

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