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Just because you have a sump pump, does not always mean it is working properly. Very often we are in homes where the original sump pump (over 30 years old, etc) are still being used.

It is important to understand that sump pumps do have a life cycle and that they do not last forever. Typically, we will tell people that a 5 to 7 year lifetime is about all that can be expected. And this number can change if the pump is working on a regular basis.

What can you do to check your sump pump? Here are a few tips.

  • Check to see if the pump is discharging from where it is supposed to be – just because a pump is making noise like it is running does not mean that it is actually working.
  • Next, remember, this is electricity and water. When working on a sump pump and checking things, it makes sense to ensure the pump is unplugged
  • Is there excess debris or sediment in the pump basin? These can get really dirty and clog up the pump. It is important to protect the life of the pump to ensure the pump is only having to pump regular water.


  • Are the battery terminals connected? Often we see a buildup of sediment and rust which can inhibit the proper functioning of a sump pump.
  • Are the pipe connections all still in place? Often waterproofing systems rely on a series of pipes which pump into the sump basin.
  • Check the float mechanism to see if it is working properly. If your pump is running constantly, this can be an indicator that the float mechanism is not functioning appropriately.
  • Monitor the water level – does the pump turn on as the basin fills up, and then turn off as the water level decreases in the basin? This is what it should do. If not, there may be something to look at. (Again, often the float mechanism.)

Very often the sump pump is like the “heart” of an overall basement waterproofing solution for your home. When then sump pump is not working properly, neither do many of the other components. Regular inspections are a smart step.

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