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While nothing replaces the expertise of a structural engineer, or a consultant from Foundation 1, where your foundation and waterproofing needs are concerned, it is possible for you to learn what to look for as signals that your foundation is (or is not) healthy.

Healthy Foundation Checklist

To help with this, Foundation 1 has created an easy to use checklist.  >>>

Any warning signs with your foundation or waterproofing will result in a check on this checklist. This kind of self-assessment helps you become a more aware home owner.  Not only can you identify issues that you might want to have Foundation 1 out to help you with, this assessment will help you identify some issues which you might address on your own.

Similarly, many foundation problems start small, and can be fixed inexpensively.  Almost always, however, small issues become larger ones if not addressed. This checklist
 can help you spot issues more rapidly.

Foundation issues are nothing to mess around with. We hope this checklist helps you be more alert to potential challenges.

You can download the most recent copy of this form at and diagnose your own foundation problems today!




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